There is no doubt that the future of the election is digital.
We are constantly researching to develop an electronic voting system that is easy to use, secure, transparent and verifiable.
It will be the world's first electronic election system development company

Through continuous innovation and investment in research and development,
we seek to become the # 1 electronic voting solutions company and
have a positive impact on society by making it more open and democratic.

2019  .


D.R. CONGO, Senator & Governor Election

Completion of indirect elections to elect Senators and Governors in 26 states using TVS. The Governor election is a run-off system 

2018  .


D.R. CONGO 3 simultaneous election

In nearly 75,000 polling stations, we have effectively completed the three major elections.
[Presidential, Legislative and Provincial elections] 


2018.5 IRAQ Parliamentary Election

MIRU Systems has provided election systems for PCOS, CCOS, RTS, EIS and DGM servers to IHEC (IRAQ Election Management Committee).


Signed contract with Democratic Republic of the Congo to supply Touch Screen Voting System

2017  .

Contract signed to provide PCOS for 2018 Election in Russia
Development of New Touch Screen Voting System (for EXPORT) 


Signed contract with Iraq to supply electronic counting system equipment (PCOS, CCOS)


Starting development of optical document scanner system with
collaboration of Bauman Moscow State Technical University for 2018 election in Russia.

2016  .

MVIS (VIS + RTS) used for Ecuador election in 2017

2015~2017  .

PCOS used for 2015, 2016 & 2017 National General Election in Kyrgyzstan 

2015  .


Development of Central Count Optical Scanner (CCOS)

2014  .


·  New order for establishment of the Kirkese Republic election capacity building project system (Korea International Cooperation Agency)
·  Development of New Voter Identification System. Delivered to KNEC 

Ballot Printer is used for 2014 national election in Korea (for pre-election). Ballot reading & sorting system is used for
2014 national election in Korea (over 41 million eligible voters for this election and 8 separate ballots for each voter)

2013  .


·  Development of Polling-station Count Optical Scanner (PCOS)
·  Signed contract to deliver PCOS to KOICA for Republic of Kyrgyzstan CEC. 


Touch-screen Voting System for Korea National Assembly


Development of New Ballot reading Development of Ballot Printer, & sorting system. 

2010  .


Change the location of the main office
(located at 15, Pangyo-ro 228 beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea)


New order for electronic voting system establishment (National Assembly) 


Development of Ballot Read & Sorter Machine. Combined scanning & OCR technologies to automatically read & sort ballots at high speed.

2007  .


·  Development of Touch-screen Voting System, Voter Identification System and Vote Verification System
·  Delivered to Korea National Election Commission SEP-2007 (KNEC) Continually being used for party primaries,
   union elections, university elections and consignment elections. 

1999  .

The establishment of the MIRU SYSTEMS CO., LTD



In response to increasing demand for alternatives to manual voting practice,
we provide the best electronic voting system that is user-friendly, secure, transparent, and accurate.


Digital is a 21st century democratic language.
 Technology is neutral. A secure electronic election system could further develop democracy. 


A secure electronic election system can increase the transparency of elections  


The easiest and most secure way to prevent manipulation of results in
touch screen electronic voting is to record voter voting on paper.


Manual elections are extremely vulnerable, prone to errors and very expensive 

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대표 : 김재형 | 사업자등록번호 : 442-86-01584 | 주소 : 서울특별시 서초구 나루터로12길 19 태승빌딩 601호

TEL : 02 2264 8355 | FAX : 02 2264 8354 |E-MAIL : app@appcomm.co.kr
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